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Install cPanel Website Management Panel on Server

We will install cpanel website management panel on your server

24 Hours $9.99 USD ORDER

Secure Server from Vulnerabilities and Attack

We will secure your server from vulnerabilities and attack

72 Hours $49.99 USD ORDER

Remove Viruses/Malware from Server

We will remove viruses or malware from your server

48 Hours $99.99 USD ORDER

Website Migration to New Server

We will migrate your website to your new server

48 Hours $39.99 USD ORDER

Word Press Software Installation

SAVE 50%We will install wordpress and customise basic settings

24 Hours $9.99 USD ORDER

Joomla Software Installation

SAVE 50%We will install Joomla

24 Hours $9.99 USD ORDER

Drupal Software Installation

SAVE 50%We will install Drupal

24 Hours $9.99 USD ORDER

Concrete5 Software Installation

We will install Concrete5

24 Hours $14.99 USD ORDER

Forum Software Installation

We will install forum software

24 Hours $19.99 USD ORDER

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Yes, our live chat support is available whenever you need us.
No. We offer affordable internet services.
No. But we offer lifetime support.
Yes. However, it may take up to 24 hours during busy period.
We accept the payment methods that most people trust.
No. If you are in business, that means you are old enough to know what you are doing.

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